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Co2Sequest Carbon Farming Program Together with GivLyfe

The remuneration to the Carbon Sequestration Partner (CSP) and the advantages of the Sustainability Plan shall be determined by the tailored plan crafted for each landowner/farmer, ensuring the utmost optimization of carbon credit acquisition.


Program Overview


  • Co2Sequest (Manager) will manage the carbon offsets for landowners who participate in the program.
  • The program will have four tiers, each offering a different level of carbon sequestration and therefore determine the carbon credit value payable to the Landowner or Carbon Sequestration Partner (CSP).
  • The program will be implemented in collaboration with GivLyfe, a company specializing in a microbial consortium, sustainable farming practices, and regenerative agriculture.

Tier 1: Preserve Rate

  •  Entry level, carbon offset management ONLY.
  •  Co2Sequest will monitor, report, market, sell, and exchange carbon offsets on behalf ofCarbon Sequestration Partner (CSP).

Tier 2: GivLyfe Microbial Consortium

  •  Landowners who choose this tier will have the GivLyfe Microbial Consortium sprayedon their land twice a year, in spring (before planting) and fall (before flowering/fruitingseason or directly post-harvest).
  • The GivLyfe Microbial Consortium is a blend of microbes and other organic compoundsthat enhances soil and plant health, reducing costs and increasing yields, and promotescarbon sequestration.

Tier 3: Sustainable Farming Methods

  •  Landowners who choose this tier will have access to GivLyfe’s sustainable farmingmethods and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for cover cropping, reduced tillage,and diversified crop rotations.
  •  These methods and SOPs promote carbon sequestration and improve soil health, increasethe soil microbiome, increase plant health and yields, all while reducing environmentalimpacts.
  •  The cost of implementing the sustainable farming methods will be paid for using thecarbon offsets generated by the program, including the offsets generated from theimplementation of the GivLyfe Microbial Consortium in Tier 2

Tier 4: Regenerative Farming Model

  •  Landowners who choose this tier will work with GivLyfe to develop a customizedregenerative farming plan that incorporates all the benefits of the previous tiers and more.
  •  The plan will be based on the landowner’s specific needs and goals, and will focus onenhancing soil health, biodiversity, and carbon sequestration.
  •  The cost of implementing the regenerative farming plan will be paid for using the carbonoffsets generated by the program, including the offsets generated from theimplementation of the GivLyfe Microbial Consortium and the sustainable farmingmethods in Tiers 2 and 3.

Program Benefits

  •  Carbon Sequestration Partners (CSPs) will receive financial benefits for participating inthe program, through the sale of carbon offsets generated by the program and payouts foroffsets will take place not later than 10 business days from the date payments arereceived.
  •  The program will run annually. Participants may sign up for the program anytimethroughout the year. Carbon Sequestration Partners (CSPs) who choose to extend theircontracts to five (5) years will be given a 5% value add.
  •  The program will promote sustainable farming practices and regenerative agriculture,which will have long-term benefits for the environment and the farming industry.
  •  The program will support the reduction of carbon emissions in the atmosphere,contributing to the mitigation of climate change and reducing the impact of commercial
    farming around the globe.
  •  The increased value add to the company will come from the high-yield credit value(s)and revenue generated from the higher-level tiers, which will be used to cover the costsof implementing the GivLyfe Microbial Consortium and sustainable farming methods.

Program Implementation

  • Co2Sequest and GivLyfe will work together to implement the program and provideongoing support to the participating Carbon Sequestration Partner (CSPs).
  •  Co2Sequest will manage the carbon offsets generated by the program, while GivLyfe willprovide expertise on sustainable farming practices and regenerative agriculture.
  •  The program will be marketed to the customers through various channels, such as socialmedia, direct mail, and industry events.
  •  The costs associated with implementing the GivLyfe Microbial Consortium andsustainable farming methods will be calculated and deducted from the carbon offsetsgenerated by the program, ensuring that the program is financially sustainable.

Program Evaluation

  • The program will be evaluated on an ongoing basis to ensure that it is meeting the needsof participating Carbon Sequestration Partner (CSPs) and customers and achieving itsenvironmental and financial goals.
  •  Co2Sequest and GivLyfe will collect all data on carbon sequestration, soil health, andother relevant metrics, and use this information to continually improve the program.
  •  The Carbon Sequestration Partner (CSPs) will have the opportunity to provide feedbackon the program and suggest improvements.
  •  The program’s success will be measured by the amount of carbon sequestered, theimprovement in soil health, and the financial benefits to the participating CarbonSequestration Partner (CSPs) and the companies involved.