Commercial Business Planning – Our team of business professionals can assist with everything from planning to licensing to supply off take.  We are experts in business efficiency, SOP (standard operating procedures) creation, & streamlining.

Supply chain from seed-to-sale – Our dedicated international supply chain specialists can provide a clear path to revenues from biomass to pharmaceuticals.

Risk management assessment & implementation – Through a thorough assessment we help you minimize your overall costs and maximize efficiencies across the board.  Our Keep-It-Simple methods are easy to implement into any business environment.

International GMP/ISO certification process – We offer a special team to walk you through the rigorous processes of becoming a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices – ) or ISO 9001 ( certification processes.

Large Scale Farming/ Commercial Cannabis/hemp production – We provide solutions from soil remuneration, irrigation/fertigation, crop management, microbial solutions, nutrient uptake, plant health, to operations and much more.