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[Huntsville, June 5, 2023] – CO2 Sequest, a prominent provider of carbon offset management solutions, is delighted to announce the official launch of its Industrial Hemp Carbon Offset Program, specifically designed to benefit hemp farmers. This program offers hemp farmers the opportunity to mitigate their carbon footprint and make a significant contribution to environmental sustainability.

The CO2 Sequest Industrial Hemp Carbon Offset Program is available to all hemp farmers, globally, who are growing 100 acres or more*, or who are part of a collective of growers cultivating a total of 100 acres or more. By participating in this program, industrial hemp farmers can earn valuable carbon credits by implementing sustainable and regenerative practices on their farms, thereby promoting carbon sequestration and environmental stewardship.

“We are incredibly excited to extend our comprehensive carbon offset solutions to the industrial hemp farming community,” said Darius Jacobs, Co-Founder of CO2 Sequest. “By partnering with hemp farmers, we can maximize the potential for carbon sequestration and support the growth of this sustainable industry.”

Under this program, industrial hemp farmers will have their farms assessed by CO2 Sequest’s team of experts. These professionals will evaluate the potential for carbon sequestration and develop customized strategies to optimize environmental benefits. Through the implementation of regenerative agricultural practices, such as cover cropping, crop rotation, and soil conservation techniques, hemp farmers can significantly enhance soil health, biodiversity, and ecosystem services while effectively sequestering carbon and generating revenues.

“We recognize the vital role that industrial hemp farming plays in promoting sustainable agriculture and addressing climate change,” added Mark Templeton, Chief Sustainability Officer of CO2 Sequest. “Our Industrial Hemp Carbon Offset Program empowers hemp farmers to not only contribute to carbon neutrality, but also reap the benefits of sustainable practices and the rapidly developing carbon market.”

Participating industrial hemp farmers will not only earn carbon credits but also gain access to a wealth of educational resources and ongoing support from CO2 Sequest‘s team of agronomists and sustainability experts. The program aims to foster a vibrant community of farmers committed to environmental stewardship and driving positive change within the industry.

*Industrial Hemp farmers with less than 100 acres of cultivation are also encouraged to contact CO2 Sequest to discuss their eligibility and explore tailored solutions for reducing their carbon footprint.

To learn more about the CO2 Sequest Industrial Hemp Carbon Offset Program and how to participate, please contact us at our website at

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