Our secret sauce is our exclusive MicroLyfe blend of soil based, ocean based and microbes from extreme regions of the world. Grown in a symbiotic relationship, these microbe species work together to create the perfect rhizosphere for plants to take up nutrients in an optimum way. Bigger plants, bigger yield, better plant health overall! SIZE DOES MATTER!

For Plants: Increasing overall yields, plant health, and nutrient processing.

For environment: soil remuneration, water purification, waste mitigation, etc.

Our international, multilingual team of Scientists and Executives are among the top minds in the world in Biology, Botany, Agronomy, Soil & Water Sciences, Agricultural Engineering, Environmental Harmony, and all aspects of plant life.  

Utilizing all natural and biodynamic methodologies we provide a non-chemical preventative approach to maximizing overall plant production by eliminating all issues before they begin.  Creating a balanced eco-system and providing all-natural solutions is our key to success.

We work directly with our partners to create a tailored set of SOPs (standard operating procedures) for each individual scenario. Each process, facility, environment, etc. is different and unique, and through environmental integration & technology application we can maximize each process to the maximum potential.