Cultivo Paraiso S.A.S. is a commercial/industrial cannabis company created in the heart of the coffee region of Colombia, South America located in Armenia, Quindío.  They have completed registration with the Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario – ICA ( to develop 120 genetics of cannabis, 80 non-psychoactive and 40 psychoactive genetics, in Colombia for commercial and industrial purposes.  This was very critical because regulations in Colombia allow you to grow only approved cultivars that have been evaluated by ICA and approved for cultivation, and the majority of licensed cannabis companies in Colombia failed to register with ICA before the December 31, 2018 deadline.  The regulations state that if a company is NOT a registered cultivar, they must purchase every seed/clone they plan to grow and will always have to purchase them from an ICA approved cultivar, such as Cultivo Paraiso S.A.S..

They have a total of 75 hectares currently available for production in their custody and have created a cooperative with the coffee and banana farmers in the region and have access to over 1000 hectares and are looking to create hundreds of jobs for the local economy.  They are currently working through the agronomic evaluation process to develop the first two batches of ten genetics each – twenty in total, and will have the first round of approvals within approximately 90 days.   Upon approval they have wholesale clone and seed purchase order agreements in place and will supply companies across Colombia with approved strains which will be registered solely to Cultivo Paraiso S.A.S. to sell.