This is a joint project by InteGrow Capital Group (ICG) and GivLyfe Inc. ICG and GivLyfe have agreed to engage in the whole cannabis production value chain starting from cultivation, processing, extraction  and marketing strains of cannabis particularly known as Malawi Gold.

There is no strain of cannabis on the continent of Africa that is as popular and well-liked as Malawi Gold. Native only to Malawi, specifically the central and northern regions of the country, Malawi Gold is very potent and 100% pure sativa. Millions of people have traveled thousands of miles and across the oceans just to get a taste of the Malawi Gold. Enthusiasts, breeders, and users all have something good to say about Malawi Gold. We can not over emphasize the importance of maintaining and improving the strain to cater for the growing demand especially for medicinal purposes. ICG & GivLyfe have engaged experts who will help transform the cannabis into Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). All Malawi Gold products will be produced following General Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Recent changes in regulation to legalize cannabis cultivation for medicinal and industrial use in Malawi has provided us a great opportunity to invest into the cultivation, processing, extraction and production of a whole range of Malawi Gold strain raw materials for various applications and finished products. InteGrow Capital Group will be one of the first companies to acquire licensing from the Cannabis Regulatory Authority (CRA) of Malawi.

Key to our setup is the inclusion of the local farmers whom we plan to work with through organized cooperatives. Malawi is transitioning away from heavy reliance on tobacco as the main cash crop and replacing it with cannabis. Cannabis farming provides a great opportunity to deliver positive social economic impact and revive communities that have otherwise been economically hit hard by the massive declines in the tobacco industry around the globe over the years. Our project will offer training opportunities to small holder farmers and provide them with seeds, inputs and off-take agreements to guarantee win-win situation

We are currently in the process of building state of the art facilities which will include several greenhouses, extraction plant and a laboratory on a 5 hectare piece of land in Lilongwe. The lab will be used for testing and processing products. We have allocated 100 acres of land in Kasungu and another 138 acres in Mchinji for outdoor farming of cannabis. Kasungu and Mchinji have been identified as training locations for the local farmers and we are on track to impact at least a minimum of 7,000 small holder farmers by the start of the 2022 growing season.